Thursday, January 03, 2008

Crazy Holiday

We are still celebrating Christmas...With my family we do Christmas Eve & Day then the following weekend we go to Nate's dad's family and then this weekend we have Nate's mother. Not complaining, just getting worn down.
This week we are housing a 13 year old boy. That is MAJOR work. Plus oh how he can eat. It is a great time having Nate's younger brother though. Although our cat, Zeke, really dislikes Chris. He has pestered our cat forever and now the cat is retaliating...He chased Chris around the house yesterday trying to attack him. Our normally docile cat hates this kid...But we warned him not to mess with Zeke or else he would not like him so we were right. We locked poor Zeke in our bedroom today for safe keeping so he doesn't beat up on Chris. (I am still kinda chuckling about this.) So the activities for this weekend are looming. Nate's brother, wife and two kids are being added to the mix on Friday - Sunday and we are going to the Children's Museum on Saturday. Sunday his mother is coming over for our Christmas with her. I am cooking lasagne and all the trimmings since we are turkey'd out...
We hope everyone has had a blessed Christmas and has had some down time. We are looking forward to the "downtime" next weekend. I might get out of my pj's on Saturday....Maybe.