Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh the creativity of a pregnant woman...

So now 25 weeks and counting I have entered into the heartburn, indigestion and two a night potty breaks. I am still loving being pregnant but am having to come up with many creative ways to sleep. I propped myself up with 5 pillows two nights ago to help the heartburn. Last night I used my mommy body pillow like a coil to help with hip pressure. There are normally at least 3 or 4 pillows around me, the bigger I/she gets the more I need. Poor Nate will soon only have a 1/4 of the king sized bed. It seems when you get your shoulders to stop hurting from learning to sleep on your side the pressure goes to the hips and then visa-versa. The indigestion I am used to since before pregnancy but she has had her feet/hands/something up near the top of the belly and pushing on me. I politely try to move her back down and she kicks me, ornery already, it is kinda funny. She's like no mom. I'm comfy, leave me alone; so I do. She is rotten already. I figured many of my pregnant friends have had their creative moments on how to get comfy so if you have any good suggestions I am game.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Picture-21 weeks

We took this picture at Nate's Uncles house for our Christmas picture this year. We always buy an ornament for the year and this years has a spot for a photo, what better than a belly shot?

New Purse & new quilt

I finished the quilt the week before Christmas, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I pieced the back of the quilt too and then I used some of the special features on the sewing machine to sign it as well.

The back of the quilt

The new purse that I made. I love the fabric and the pleats. I made it for trade with my facialist/friend Christina for my next facial and massage.

Late post, Tables of Christmas

Tables of Christmas is something our church does every year. This year there were about 140 tables. We went with a candy theme this year. The ornaments were all made of candy or about candy. Instead of snow on the table as decoration we used Skittles, the napkin holders were Twizzlers. It was a great time and the speaker was very good. We are already in the works for designing next years table.

Me & Epha
Me, Kim, Tricia, Epha, Kim & Amy

These are some of the other tables at the event...