Friday, May 30, 2008

Home Projects

Well we are at it again. We have a home project. Last weekend we painted the small area on the back of our house that is wood. Just painted it about the same color it was previously. This weekend it is the bathroom. We are painting the cabinets white/cream and going to peel off the wallpaper border and I am so excited! In the next few weeks/months we will replace the countertop, medicine cabinet and the lights. It will be a brand new bathroom by the time we are done. Ultimately we are replacing the tile in there too...but that will be a little while. We want to do the kitchen tile too. It will be another busy weekend at the Fairchild house!

Friday, May 23, 2008


I have started reading the Heaven book by Randy Alcorn. It has been very interesting so far. I am meeting with a friend every two weeks to do a review of the book. I will be writing more about it soon I am sure. So far I highly recomend this book and think it helps give us a renewed interest in our eternal home.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

I am so excited about a long weekend. I have no new news to post so I am just stating that I am happy that this is a three day weekend! I have kept praying that today would magically turn into Friday, but that hasn't happened. God has moved time twice but I don't believe he will move it for this; unfortunately. Hope everyone has a great long weekend planned. We have plans with friends and a Indianapolis 500 party on Saturday night. Other than that it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend and I plan on taking a nap at some point. Hope eveyrone else has a good time too!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Plumbing Fixed

After many issues...the plumbing was fixed. Nate did a GREAT job on getting it finished! I was so proud of him! We had two days no water but some friends of ours were kind and shared their shower so we could go to work on Monday. Nate finished it up on Monday night. We went out for Ice Cream to celebrate!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Plumbing Woes!!!

Yesterday I walked out into the garage and I heard a pssssssss noise. I thought it was the heater. I was wrong. I heard it again later that evening and noticed there was water leaking. We pulled out our car and noticed there was alot more water. We thought it was the water heater at first but that was wrong too. It was actually the mainline pipe coming into the garage. We did without water for the night and today Nate started working on it. He had to shut off the water from the main water line in the front and it won't fully shut off! He is trying to sauter it wet. So we talked to my dad and got some other ideas. I am praying it works! I don't want to have to call a plumber and spend all that money! Plus I really just want a shower! I was working in the yard today with my dad. My parents came up today with a garden till so we didn't have to rent one; so we could save money that we apparently were supposed to spend at Lowe's & Menard's. We have made 6 trips to Lowe's and 2 trips for me to Menard's & 1 for Nate. So now he has a special coupler that clamps the pipes that he can sauter to the valve and get the water to stop flowing up as he is trying to sauter the pipes together. AHHHH!!!! PLEASE LORD LET IT WORK!!!