Monday, December 20, 2010

My Cute Little Model (aka: my little ham)

I have been crocheting hats lately. They are quick and easy for me to knock out and they pass time in the car or when I am watching tv in the evenings when the little bug goes to bed. My sis-in-laws friend was poking around the blog and saw one of Madeline in her hat and wanted one it is. I added the flower for her to go with the hat. I never know what to charge for things; since they are handmade you cannot get them just anywhere but I think people would sometimes rather just go to the store and buy something cheap. I thought $15 was reasonable for a wool blend chunky hat with flower. She thought so too so SOLD. Woo hoo. I have left a little basket of these flowers and some other designs at my cousins hair salon and they have not sold? I am at a loss. I put $5 on most and $8 on the really big ones. They come with a hair clip or a pin so you can add them to your blouse/coat/______ fill in the blank. I just don't get it. Oh well. I am feeling some inspiration again. I just need to finish my friends pillows and then I have a few little lovies to make up and I designed a pattern for a Bible cover I want to try to make. That will be an adventure since I MADE it up and have no idea how that will turn out. Its only fabric huh? Well if there is a need for a nice warm hat, let me know I love making them...we can work out prices.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time vs. Lack of inspiration & the battle of wills

I have no time it feels like. I put Madeline down for her nap and she wakes up. What to do. I hate giving up time with Nate and her in the evenings to sew but I just need to. There is also the lack of inspiration. I have no lack of fabric, just the other two problems...Its a dilemma huh? Right now was the perfect opportunity to sew but just this second we are in a battle of wills, she wants up from nap (only 1 hr and is still exhausted but screaming at me!) and I want her to sleep! I don't know how much of the crying is okay. She looks abused when I finally give in and go in and get her-eyes red and face blotchy and it looks like she breaks out in heat rash. My child does not give up! She gets madder and finally just wakes herself up completely screaming instead of giving in to the exhaustion. SHE DOES NOT SELF SOOTHE! Passy be darned and blankie or bunny too...she just gets really ticked.
Who can be inspired when there is the sad, screaming baby? By the way she is normally a very, very happy child, just not at sleepy time.
There, blew off steam, sorry.