Friday, December 12, 2008

Not much going on still...

Things are about the same for the Fairchild Family. Nothing much exciting going on. The puppy and Zeke are still getting along fine. She is potty training well and we are accident free for about 4 weeks or so now. She is still expendable in Zeke's eyes and when we leave for a night and take her with us I believe he is hoping she will not be with us when we come back. Nate's job continues to keep him busy. One of the managers at Lilly is pregnant and due in March and so she keeps him busy trying to get all her stuff caught up before she takes maternity leave.
We are pretty well ready for Christmas; most shopping is done. Since we don't have a good place to put a tree and for the fact we are not home and also that we detest our current tree we are not putting up a big tree this year. I know it sounds grinchy but I have opted for a tiny (we're talking 1 1/2 foot or so) tree in the living room on a table with lights. The only place in our house to put up a tree is in the dining room. We never go in there and I don't feel like spending 2 hours putting up a tree that we won't even get to enjoy. I am thinking about buying one of those pencil trees, that is tall and skinny for the next years to come in this house since we don't have much room in the living room where we are most of the time.
Our church recently did Tables of Christmas. This is a HUGE to do at our church and is a beautiful event where you purchase a table to decorate and invite christian/non-Christians to the event. My friend Epha and I did a table. I will have to download pictures. She decided on the theme, it was peacock feathers and gold with brown. She found a tree and put some feathers with gold ornaments and other miscellaneous things in the tree. We went shopping together at Joann fabrics for other details for the table. We found some gorgeous fabric in green or teal with gold beading on it. I chose the teal thinking it would look better. I made a large 42" square out of it and sewed gold ribbon on it for a table runner and used the extra fabric to make napkins and a garland for the tree. It was beautiful! Some of the other tables had pink and brown themes. My favorite was the Charlie Brown table. Someone had old plastic figurines and made a Charlie Brown Christmas table...complete with wilted tree. She made chair covers out of yellow fabric and put a black rickrack around it to look like his shirt. I did take a picture of it and will post them when I hook up my camera to the home laptop. It is a lot of fun and normally there is about 250 tables or so and over a thousand women in attendance. * more on it later with pics*
Nate got his Christmas present early...yes Santa Clause was good to him this year. He got a 42" 1080P LCD TV. He found a deal the day after Thanksgiving and it was a great one; so he got it for his birthday and Christmas combined, throw in Hanukkah and several other holidays to boot! Also he turned the big 30 this year! I cannot believe it is here already! I know its just a number but really? WE ARE 30??? When did this happen? We've been together 10 years and married for 6 of it so it seems logical but so strange to not be in my 20's soon. I put together a small get together for him of some guys he plays poker with and had pizza and chocolate cake. Nothing big because he didn't want anything I listened (for once).
That's about it. No great and exciting things, just normal life. But I'm happy with it.
I do promise to post pics soon!