Sunday, August 23, 2009

This weekend was so much fun! We had Jonathan on Friday and went to Bible Study. Saturday morning we woke up and went to Sofia’s for breakfast; this place has the best pancakes I have ever had! After Jonathan went home and we had some down time, we went to WAMM Fest with the Turks and it decided to rain. So we left, went to dinner and then it turned into a beautiful night, so we went back and walked around. I was a little disappointed because I thought it would be some free samples of food since you had to pay to get in. No such luck. Everything was reasonably priced but there were so many places you just didn’t know which to pick, so samples would have been fabulous. WAMM stands for Wine Arts Music Microbrew so it was really my type of event. Sunday was church as usual, it was a great service and then lunch with The Riche’s. We normally go out for dinner but we stopped by KFC and got something to go and spent the afternoon at the park for a picnic and short hike. We then went to dinner at Morton’s steak house for our anniversary; 7 years on August 24! They had something going on in Indy called Devour Downtown. You could choose from several different restaurants for $30 per person. Morton's, Ruth’s Chris, Oceaneare, several others. But Morton's had the best menu for us. So steak it was! For the $30 you got salad, main course (3 selections), a side and dessert, now if you have been to Morton's before you know that a steak alone normally costs over that. It was great. I love a good steak sometimes. We had a glass of wine with the meal and can’t wait till the do it again in January for another Devour downtown. They do 2 a year. We will go some place different for that one just to try something new. So great weekend all in all; lots of fun!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

A weekend in Pictures

Carter, our NephewSome of the buggies from ShipshewanaMe & MomThe Stage at Conner Prairie
Nate & Ben napping
Epha and some of the ladies from Indy MomsMe and Ben (bottom left) and Will

We had a busy weekend. We went to Shipshe on Friday with Lori, the step-mom-in-law and then to her birthday party that night. Saturday was the trip home and then we went to Conner Prairie for the Symphony on the Prairie, it was Beatles night and it was really cool. They had four people that were dressed like the Beatles and they really sounded like them. I had a great time. Epha had to work and so did her husband so we offered to watch the boys and she gave us tickets and when she was done working the event came down and had a picnic with us. There were a few sprinkles but for the most part it was a beautiful evening.