Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Posting to post

No major updates, I am quilting away on a quilt and have been playing in my garden. I have harvested a few zucchini and some green beans. The cucumbers are just about ready and I have tiny little cantaloupes. I am so excited for those. My herb garden is doing well and the zucchini about to go crazy, most are still little tiny ones. I am going to Shipshewana this weekend in Northern Indiana with my mom and staying with my in-laws. My step-mom-in-love is coming with us. I love my step-mom-in-law, she is really sweet. I should post pictures on that trip soon. We are going for all day on Friday and I am very exited about spending time with both of them. Saturday night we are going to Symphony on the Prairie at Conner Prairie with my friend Epha to help watch the boys. She has to work and is getting us free passes to help with the kiddos.

Last weekend I went out on the town with Indy Mom's group. They had a mom's nite out and I was invited to go. It was at a little shop in downtown Indy on MassAve and it was so much fun. We went to Eye Candy; they had snacks, wine and some very lovely lemon meringue tartlets and the cutest jewelry for very reasonable prices. I would post a link for the website but they don't have one. I have a picture of me & my friend Epha but it is not loaded onto the computer yet. I will post this weekend probably with other pictures. Paul the owner and I did discuss him carrying a few of my purses. I have no idea what possessed me to do this; (well it could have been the few glasses of wine) but I did follow up with him on Monday and I am going to take a few purses in as soon as I have some done. So I will be back to designing a few new purses that are bigger and more chunky. So I will post pictures soon!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mammas got a brand new bag!

I needed a new bag. My other one was well loved and had the smell of coffee, funny how that happens when you spill it on it a couple times huh? So this is my new Sassy Stripes bag. I really like how it turned out. It is a hipster bag and has big pockets inside. It is pretty big, about 19" wide by about 15" tall. It is exactly what I wanted. So sewing wasn't completely out of the weekend.

A new pic of my MagPie baby. She just got a haircut! Isn't she too cute?

My God Son's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Micah! He turned a year old on July 1st but we celebrated on July 4th.
A year goes by so quickly!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Friday plans down the drain...

Okay, I was so excited for Friday; a day off work to do work I love, sew. Well that has been pushed to the wayside. The dog needs a haircut, BAD! Her furry little self is all knotted and won't let me brush them out. Her puppy fur gets so tangled since it is so soft. I will be driving down to Columbus to get her cut at my aunts. I am so sad. I still have my own purse only half done and need to start the next baby quilt, plus...I need to finish the other crochet things that should have been done a month ago. Why, oh why do I start twenty projects at once? Answer: because I love to work on different things and find something more fun to start in the middle. Not a good answer but an honest one, sorry. The rest of the holiday weekend will be filled with Family coming in from Elkhart, Nate's side and also with my God son's first birthday party on Saturday. Sew long sewing, such is life.