Wednesday, September 30, 2009

News Flash

Well things will be changing in our house in the Spring. The long prayed for baby will be arriving. After four years of waiting and praying we found out we are expecting. After feeling crappy in general for over a month I have felt sick when I ate, sick when I didn't eat and I was so drained I couldn't function; plus there were some other into the doctor I went. It was not my normal doctor and he kept saying, "well hun, it sounds like you could be pregnant." I let him know that he was surely mistaken and that it couldn't just happen and we would find out on Monday when my blood tests came back. Well Monday morning I get a voicemail from my regular doctor telling me the blood test shows I am pregnant! I couldn't believe it so I called him back and the office staff handed the phone right to him and he confirmed it. The first call was of course to Nate and he was speechless for sometime and asked am I sure? Of course I am sure I told him, I checked twice with the doctor! So we went into celebration mode! The doctor wanted me to come in asap for an ultrasound since there were some issues (nothing serious) and got me in that very day. So we saw the baby bean on that night and all is healthy and it was so very cool to see the heartbeat and everything else about the baby. It just amazed us and made it real, kinda. It still seems surreal and we are so very happy that God has blessed us with this child. We just ask for prayer for a healthy baby and that I keep up my energy. I have learned the key to my feeling well is small amounts of food through out the day and a nap after work. Whoever thought of "morning sickness" is very inaccurate; it is all day sickness! But I won't complain even if I am sick, I am just so very happy to finally be pregnant. Please keep us all in your prayers!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Okay, I'm a Few Pictures Behind

Here is the Picture of Epha & myself on the IndyMom's nite out I crashed.

It's a bad photo but I have a label now for my products

My Swap bag, I traded my Facialist an hour facial and 1/2 hr massage for this bag, so worth it!

The Lilly Bag. This is a medium sized diaper bag for my sister-in-law Sarah. It is some of my favorite fabric Chocolate Lollipop.
So I have been busy, but not busy sewing. We have had so many things to do, not exciting things but the mundane things of life. I am not quite sure how it is already September but it really is. This year has flown by so far!
This weekend, I get to meet my new niece, LillyAnn. She is about two months old and her & my Sister-in-law, Sarah are coming into town and we are traveling to visit with them this weekend up to my in-law's home. I cannot wait to meet her. I made her a couple blankies and the Diaper Bag above. I think she will like it; if not I'll keep it or sell it and we'll go for a different fabric. So off to bed after finishing the bag, another fun day at work tomorrow. I wonder if Martha Stewart needs someone on staff to sew, what a nice dream!