Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rant & a Rave

Okay I will start with the rave first. I LOVE YATS!!! It is something I have been craving in this pregnancy. Their Chili Cheese Etouff'e is the BEST! I have been there twice in the past week. I want the same thing every time. There are other really yummy things there too. They are only local to the Indy area but they are so yummy.

On to the rant. I was so PSYCHED to go see "Where the Wild Things Are". I was so disappointed! It was awful! I was asked to go by my 6 year old friend Will who also was very excited. We were both very much looking forward to this movie, so much so that we couldn't wait till Saturday afternoon. He was scared! The monsters are not too scary in the beginning however when Carol, the main monster chases Max through the forest telling him "I will eat you!" that was it for him. He crawled up on mom's lap and was crying. This is a children's book and they made it into something very morbid and very scary for little ones. Yes the book is a little strange on its own account, however it is still a children's story. This is NOT a children's movie. I am not the sheltering type, but there were obviously others who shared my sentiments because twenty minutes into the movie they were taking their children out of the theater. Not only was it scary for kids, it was boring. The plot was weak and over most children's heads. The only good thing about the movie was the costumes of the monsters. Those were neat. That is my only like of the entire movie...It should have stayed a book.
Well there you go, there's my rant and rave, nothing exciting but that's my post.

Friday, October 02, 2009

My Favorite Time of Year

I feel like I just posted about this not long ago. But it is Fall again! Somehow it went from 80 degrees down to 60's but the leaves are changing and it is fall. It seems strange changing so quickly and I am worried about not having a hot summer and that we will pay for it this winter. We will be traveling through some country areas this weekend and I am so excited to see all of the lovely leaves and scenery (if I'm not sleeping). I really want to plan a trip to Brown County to see the colors change and of course to shop. They have all sorts of fun shops and really yummy resturants to eat at with good southern cooking. I am craving Chicken-n-dumplins lately. I will have to go to Cracker Barrel or something, maybe sweet talk my mother to make some.
Fall also brings time for new fabric lines to come out! WOO HOO! Clementines just got the new Amy Butler line in and I am all but salivating to see what is in store! She just posted on her blog about the new fabric...I am two quilts behind but really have till December or so to start on my own but new fabric starts me to thinking. I just need the energy to start...