Monday, July 19, 2010

Mommy and Madeline (5 wks)

Tummy time on my play mat (7 wks)

My little black dress, Papaw says every girl has to have one...(6 wks)

So peaceful (8 wks)

Bright eyes after my bath (7 wks)

Just wanted to update some of my favorite pictures of my girl. I am so sad to go to work next week but know it is limited time back. Next week I go back on the 27th and then have Thursday and Friday off for closing and moving. I am happy to have a good friend watching her but it is still heart-wrenching to leave her. I left her alone with someone other than Nate for the first time on Friday and my heart almost came out through my mouth. I left her with a good friend and left her with some formula just in case. She ate it just fine. I wanted to see how she did with it if I am not able to pump enough while at work. She did fine however her belly did not like it; it took till Sunday morning for her to go #2. She was still happy even though constipated, go figure. She is a happy baby for the most part. She is only fussy if tired, hungry or gassy.
Update on me, I am great, loving nursing and find it amazingly rewarding to be able to nourish my punkin. It is hard being tied to her that way sometimes if I need to leave or am in public and there is no easy place to nurse but we are getting really good at discreet nursing. I am apparently
trying to kill myself, either that or Nate is...I was getting into the car today and in a hurry to get it cooling down for her and whacked myself in the nose with the door. I don't think I damaged myself too bad which is great since I had sinus surgery several years ago to fix my septum. When I got home I was trying to get into the fridge in the garage and didn't realize Nate had put the power drill on the top of it while doing some work. I do have some "cat" like reflexes because I caught it before it hit me in the head. It would have probably knocked me out...So hopefully tomorrow will be better and I will go about the day unscathed. I called Nate to make sure he had my life insurance paid up and he laughed and said he still needs me for now. hehe.
Well please be in prayer for us with the next few weeks coming of me going back to work and moving. There is a lot of stress coming our way but God is good and he has gotten us this far and answered our prayer of selling the house and he did it in under three weeks. I am going to have good help between my mother and step mother-in-law coming this week to torture themselves and watch the baby...I feel so sorry for them, such a burden I know. Well wish us luck, no posts for a while till after we get settled

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Things I hear myself saying...

1. "Stop hitting yourself in the head". -said once upon a time to my brother-in-love when I was picking on him. Now said to Madeline to stop hitting herself or pull her own hair...
2. "Yea, poopie!" -said now when constipated
3. "Oh yeah 4 hours of sleep is awesome!" -now said that she is sleeping four hours at first then giving me around another two afterwards.
4. "Stop licking the baby." -Said to the "mother hen" dog who wants to take care of Madeline.
These are a few of the things I hear myself saying on a daily basis and they are music to my ears!