Monday, October 10, 2011

Flowers and feathers

I have been making up some new hair flowers. It is really fun to make them and I love seeing how they turn out. They are all kind of unique. I charge $8 for the large ones and $5 for the small ones. If there is not a color you see but want one just email to and we can talk about what you would want. The crochet flowers and feathers are $5 as well. I love to clip the flowers and feathers to headbands for myself, though they do look much cuter on Madeline...

Funky Feathers

Crochet Flowers & Heart

Peony Style

Poppy style flower

Purple silk Rose

Black silk Rose

Monday, March 28, 2011

Count down!!!

We are moving again! I am so excited for the new house but really dislike, ok...hate moving! I just did this 9 months ago. Thankfully most stuff is still packed but there is the stuff we unpacked to make the apartment more homey feeling. We are moving our personal stuff like clothes, breakables and dishes ourselves but we are actually hiring movers this time! I am psyched!!! The movers we are using are very reasonably priced and will save us from rounding up our friends and renting a truck and feeding everyone. In all honesty it will cost just about $100 more for the movers and we keep our friends. So, since we are moving and I am packing that leads to no sewing. I was in the mood and very ready but I have no room at the apartment to spread out fabric and Madeline can always see me so that means she wants me. In the new house we are turning the formal dining area into a work-out room slash craft room. The other part about not sewing in the apartment is she can hear the sewing machine and it wakes her up. Stinky I know. So the countdown begins to April 28th as closing day and 29th is when we are moving our personal stuff and the movers get us all in on Saturday the 30th. Oh yeah, and we are having Madeline's first birthday party in our new house two weeks after we move in. Very exciting and busy for us but we are so thankful to God for providing us just the right house! We looked at many homes and even had an offer on a different one but it didn't work out. This is the perfect home for us. When we put in our offer we offered a little lower than asking price and for a few pieces of the furniture (the house was a model home for a local builder and the furniture was negotiable) and also for the seller to pay closing costs. He came back asking for full price and would pay closing and give us all the furniture!!! Well that was a deal! The home is half way furnished! So see, God is GREAT and He had this perfect deal for us and if we wouldn't have waited on His timing we would have missed out completely. We are looking forward to many years in this home and really making it ours and welcoming to friends and family.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Nate has a contract to work as a Fixed Duration Employee for Eli Lilly and it is up in 1 1/2 years. We sold the house last year in case he got a new job and we had to pick up and move across the country or something fun like that...well he did get a new job but we are staying in Indy! WOOT WOOT! I am very happy about that. I like it here, we are in between family and we have a great group of friends here. So smiles all around on it. Nate will have to travel to Chicago a couple times a month but not for long thankfully. Since there is a secure job, we can have a house! I love house hunting and think it is tons of fun. There are some great deals out there but man do they need work. We walked through one house that looked like they put mud or grease all over their feet and their animals and stomped through the house! I think we found one we really like and will probably put an offer on it the week Nate starts his job; March 7th. I am excited about the stability this brings. It is all still in God's hands and we are very thankful for the new job.
*side note: it is really hard to type with a 9 month old banging on the keyboard*

We have also been fighting this horrible virus again. We all had it for a month back in October but this time it is even worse. I have felt like death warmed over and Madeline has been clingy and fussy with this crud. She has been pitiful looking too with red eyes filled with yellow goop that hardens and a nose like a faucet! It is awful...She perks up for a while after she gets her medicine then fades pretty quickly. She is also a brute! She body slams the poor dog, 13lb dog verses 20lb baby is not really fair. She pulls hand fulls of fur from poor Maggie's tail and Mag's just sits there and looks at her. She finally growled yesterday but licked her 5 minutes later. I feel for that poor dog but she sure is such a good girl!
Well I still have plans to finish the pillows soon and think Saturday looks like a great day to do that. I hate unfinished projects and it has been since fall that I started 4 measly little pillows. Pretty pathetic that they are not done. Here's to finishing them Saturday and getting rid of this crud!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here's to a new year...

I am psyched a friend has offered to come by and have a play date for our munchkins so I can sew. WOOO HOOO! I really miss it and feel bad that none is getting done. I have even made up a few new patterns in that time and am still looking at the pillowcase half done on my sewing machine. I have to finish those pillowcases! Its not challenging maybe is why they are not done? I'll give any excuse right about now but I WANT them DONE and shipped to my poor friend who is waiting for them. I sure do love her for not freaking out that they are not done. Good friends are hard to find huh? Well here's to sewing on Thursday; it may not hurt that she knows I am cooking lunch for us as well...Chicken Corn Chowder in the crock pot. YUMMY, full belly and an afternoon of sewing. The only thing that would make a day better is to add a nap to that line-up huh?