Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor Day

So after a busy week, a busy weekend ensued. Straight after driving in traffic for an hour from the north side of Indy to the South Side we get back into the car and do this again. :) What fun! It took us another hour or more to get back to the North side to drive thru to Carmel and then onto the fun town of Kokomo where every block there is a stop light.

Did I mention how much I love driving in traffic? I have had to do this alot lately and I really belive I am the only one who knows how to drive! Most of the time I just drive with the radio blaring and singing at the top of my lungs to pass the time away, but with Nate in the car...I try not to do this as much. Plus, he doesn't like my music as much. What should have been a three hour trip to Elkhart to see his dad & step-mom took more like 4 1/2.

Once we get there we are greeted and as always, very glad we made the trip and love his fam. It is very strange going into their house now...its quiet.
All the "little" brothers and sisters are now in college except for Christopher. He is the lone child in the house. Sara is married and lives in San Diego. Caleb & Ellie, with their mother. Moises is off at Ball State, Katie at IU.
It is so quiet. I am sure Dave & Lori are happy to have the silence. But to me I miss them. Having grown up an only child, I welcome the chaos of their house. I can only imagine what the brood will look like when we all have kids or they get married. It still is strange to me to think they are getting so old and grown. It's been over eight years of knowing them now...Katie is a Junior, 21 at IU. Caleb, in a screamo band and is 20. Ellie about to be a single mother, please pray for her and Moises a Freshman at BSU, our alma matter (I won't go into visiting him there and how OLD that made me feel). Sara is off married and living so far away. I remember all that went with that and am pray for her strength and to not be lonely. So that brings us back to Christopher all alone. I think he is bored. No one to beat up on him but he has grown like 5 inches over the summer and looks like a blonde version of Nathan. So he may acutally be able to stand up for himself when they torture him now. He is a great antagonist...
The Fairchild family is up to 16 now with only three grandchildren in the count...can you imagine when we all have kids and get hitched?
Enough of those thoughts...
We stop by Nathan's Grandma BJ's house and that takes 2 hours :). We leave hitting the traffic of the Notre Dame game going back to Indy. Again with the traffic... We finally arrive home at 11 pm last night. Church today and my mom came up to visit. We stop by my favorite place, the quilting store and buy more fabric for my upcoming advanced machine piecing class. It starts on Wednesday!!! I will update everyone with pics of my "baby" as I go. I am almost finished with another one. It is pink & brown. I love it, but this will be going to a friend who is having a baby in January.
Well as am done rambling I wish everyone a happy and safe Labor Day.


Christina said...

Hey Rach, looks like you had a busy labor day weekend. I'm glad you got to visit and have fun with all of Nate's family. I'm excited that you wrote on your blog. I check for updates now that I'm a blogger girl you know. Love ya girl.

Amber said...

the traffic sounds lovely...but worth it i'm sure. did you hear that rene and fam are coming out for balloon fiesta? october 5-8 i believe. i wish we could all be here and have a big party!