Monday, October 01, 2007

Is it Really Fall?

I was driving home from work last week and noticed taht the leaves are starting to change. There are bits of yellow, red & marron muddled inbetween the green leaves. I cannot believe that it is already October! This year has flown by...But I will not complain about the leaves changing. I love this time of year! I look forward to the cooler evenings and the beautiful leaves, it is acutally the only time of year I really like to be outside even. I am not an outdoorsy person to begin with but I love having a nice bonfire in the backyard, roasting marshmellows and hotdogs. When we were in Albuquerque, it brought the wonderful smell of roasting Green Chile. I really miss that smell.
I have put a new swing out in the big tree in our backyard and look forward to reading in it. It is also the time of the year our poor air conditioner gets a break, the nights get cooler and you can open the windows and let it cool your house and the autumn air just smells so good! I will have to plan a trip to go down to Brown County and walk around town. They have the most beautiful hills and you can really see all the trees and colors. I will post pics if I ever get down there :) Anyways, heres to fall, may it be a colorful one and not too cold!

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Christina said...

We've been enjoying the changing of leaves out here too. To get to our housing community we have to drive along side a big park for a little while and all the trees lining the streets are so beautiful right now. It would help though if it was raining so much lately, I guess I should get my flippers out again cause this is why the NW is soooooo green. Oh and by the way, I miss that green chile smell too, and the balloons, the breakfast burritos, the sunny days and cool evenings, yeah I'm feeling pretty nostalgic right now about ABQ. Love ya girl.