Sunday, May 04, 2008

Plumbing Woes!!!

Yesterday I walked out into the garage and I heard a pssssssss noise. I thought it was the heater. I was wrong. I heard it again later that evening and noticed there was water leaking. We pulled out our car and noticed there was alot more water. We thought it was the water heater at first but that was wrong too. It was actually the mainline pipe coming into the garage. We did without water for the night and today Nate started working on it. He had to shut off the water from the main water line in the front and it won't fully shut off! He is trying to sauter it wet. So we talked to my dad and got some other ideas. I am praying it works! I don't want to have to call a plumber and spend all that money! Plus I really just want a shower! I was working in the yard today with my dad. My parents came up today with a garden till so we didn't have to rent one; so we could save money that we apparently were supposed to spend at Lowe's & Menard's. We have made 6 trips to Lowe's and 2 trips for me to Menard's & 1 for Nate. So now he has a special coupler that clamps the pipes that he can sauter to the valve and get the water to stop flowing up as he is trying to sauter the pipes together. AHHHH!!!! PLEASE LORD LET IT WORK!!!

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Amber said...

Hey Rach, I hear ya about Lowe's...seems like we live there these days! Sorry to hear about the pipe...was Nate able to fix it?