Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Month in overview

Well August flew by!!! We had our 6 year anniversary on August 24th. We stayed at home and had a nice dinner. When everything settles down with the job changeover we will be going to eat at Palomino's a nice restaurant in down-town Indy.
As for the job front, we are awaiting the answer from Lilly. He had two interviews last week and has a phone interview tomorrow. He IS the ONLY person they are interviewing so it is just a matter of finalizing things now...and the waiting game.
I have read a whole series of books in a week, the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I loved them and am waiting for the movie to come out on Nov 21! I have changed genres now to Beverly Lewis and the Abraham's Daughters books.
Other than that, nothing major...another back-up of the lovely sewers in our house and we got a hand-me-down fridge from Nate's dad; a really nice BIG one! Painted the bathroom and put up new lights and we are getting ready to start Totally Fit for Life through our church. I am going to the seminar on Saturday. Like I said nothing exciting other than the anniversary. Hope all are well and we'll update when the time comes about the job.

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