Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time vs. Lack of inspiration & the battle of wills

I have no time it feels like. I put Madeline down for her nap and she wakes up. What to do. I hate giving up time with Nate and her in the evenings to sew but I just need to. There is also the lack of inspiration. I have no lack of fabric, just the other two problems...Its a dilemma huh? Right now was the perfect opportunity to sew but just this second we are in a battle of wills, she wants up from nap (only 1 hr and is still exhausted but screaming at me!) and I want her to sleep! I don't know how much of the crying is okay. She looks abused when I finally give in and go in and get her-eyes red and face blotchy and it looks like she breaks out in heat rash. My child does not give up! She gets madder and finally just wakes herself up completely screaming instead of giving in to the exhaustion. SHE DOES NOT SELF SOOTHE! Passy be darned and blankie or bunny too...she just gets really ticked.
Who can be inspired when there is the sad, screaming baby? By the way she is normally a very, very happy child, just not at sleepy time.
There, blew off steam, sorry.


Amber said...

no apologies needed...been there, done that and still doing that=) its a very hard thing to listen to and it is hard to divide the time so i totally understand. praying that she learns to self-soothe or gets some teeth for all the crying. dylan just popped two that were making him an unusually unhappy little guy=)

A Look Inside the Box(es) said...

Caden only napped for 45 minutes at a time, and Caleb only 30. So, I totally feel your pain. Hang in there and enjoy her. They grow up way too fast!