Monday, April 27, 2009

Wine Country

Well we are back. It was a wonderful trip. We stayed at the Petaluma Sheraton for our stay. We traveled all over the area. Wednesday when we got there we just drove around for a little bit and went to Sonoma for dinner at a little Thai restaurant. Thursday we went down to San Jose and went to the Winchester Mystery Mansion and took the tour. It was a very bizarre place but very beautiful. We we drove up Highway 1 for the afternoon and and had dinner at a restaurant called Lucas's on the coast and they served their own fresh fish they caught that day. Friday was San Francisco and out to Alcatraz. The tour of Alcatraz was really neat and the view from the island was great of downtown and the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked around Ghirradeli Square and Pier 39 and drove down Lumbard street. That night we went into downtown Petaluma and ate at Dempsey's. I really loved the place! They grow alot of their own produce and they are a brewery as well. Their rootbeer was great! Saturday we traveled through wine country and ate at an Italian market at Venesias's winery and we drove up to The Olive Press and Jacuzzi Winery; it was our favorite. I loved the wines at Jacuzzi, every single one we tasted was wonderful, they are not cheap so we bought one bottle but look forward to ordering more! The Olive Press was a really neat place to stop by as well, they grow alot of olives and make many different olive oils and blends. We brought back a bottle of one with crushed red peppers in it. We ate that night at Dempsey's again and it was just as good as the first time. I really liked the area. I really liked that at a lot of the restaurants they used fresh produce & meats that are local. I really wish we had more of that availability in Indiana. All in all it was a great vacation. We are not looking forward to going back to the real world.
The Winchester Mystery HouseThe Door to NowhereThe view of the vines

Alcatraz Island
Help! I've been locked up!
Lombard Street
A view from Highway 1
The Golden Gate


To Germany...and Beyond! said...

I'm jealous! Sounds like you guys had a great time. Keep us posted on the adoption process. You guys are in my prayers. Miss you!

Amber said...

Wow Rach! Sounds and looks like you guys had a great time! Thanks for sharing your trip with us=0)

Christina said...

Beautiful pix Rach. It was fun talking with you the other day. So, have you decided if you are going to be able to visit us in Chi-town on Memorial Day? No pressure, we'd love to see ya though.