Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy Memorial Day Weekend

We had a very busy weekend! My mom came up to visit on Friday and we went out for dinner. Saturday we babysat our Godson, Micah. Then we went to a Indy 500 party that night. Sunday we had miscellaneous things around the house and Mom went home. I made up a new purse pattern and finished a purse in about 4 hours. I love the new purse!!! It is striped with a big bright flower pattern and I actually made up a new pattern for a flower to pin onto the purse. There will be a picture soon. It has 4 big pockets inside with lots of room. It is by far my favorite purse I have ever made! I loved the colors and the style. It was really fun! It is red, black, cream and also has some burnt orange and maize (dark yellow) colors in it. I made it for my friend Christina whom we saw yesterday on Memorial Day. They were our Monday treat! It was great to visit with them. They came in from Seattle to visit family in Chicago so we drove up for the day and met at the Brookfield Zoo. It was a cruddy day outside and of course Nate & I wore summer clothes, it was 75 in Indy and 55 in Chicago but we didn't remember to check the weather. It rained off and on, was cold & very busy but it was great to visit. They have three of the cutest kiddos and the newest addition Luci is really sweet (9 wks 0ld) I was a really bad baby hog and carried her in the little snugly. We got back home around 9pm Monday night and were tired but very happy to have visited with good friends.

This weekend looks to be busy as well. We are stealing a friends little boy (6 yr old) for Friday night so she can have a Mommie nite out. He is a blast to steal and loves Nate; I'm kinda chopped liver compared to him. Other than that we just have more paperwork to fill out for the adoption agency. As soon as we get that in they schedule us to meet with a case worker, set up home studies and attend meetings/classes and within about 6 weeks we have the home study done and get our profile out there and birth moms can see us then. If we are picked we'll meet with the birth mom and then so on from there. So say a prayer that we can come up with a good profile to represent ourselves and that we are chosen quickly by the right mom. I know its all in God's hands but prayer is so helpful!

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