Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have two updates today. Both happened on Wednesday. I went to the dentist and they scheduled me an appointment for 6 months later. I realized, hum…cannot do that. I am due May 8th. If I don’t have the baby by then or am still waiting, the last thing I want to do is sit in a chair and have someone mess with my teeth. So I scheduled it for the first week in June. That brought me to the realization that….Nate will have to watch the baby! That just sounds so strange to me! I completely trust him to watch the baby, honestly he is better with kids than I am even, but the thought that the baby will be here. My baby will be born by June. It is still honestly sinking in that we are really, truly going to be parents finally!!! I know even though the belly is growing that its true but it still seems hard to believe.
Side note: my little friend Jonathan (whom we steal often from his mommy) chalked my growing belly up to “just eating too much”. From the mouth of babes huh? He’s 7.
So in short, I think its funny I have to make sure Nate’s available in June to watch the baby.
The other wonderful thing I am truly thankful for is my friends. I love them. I have several friends who are family to us; Epha is one of them (well Sam and the boys too). I called her since I hadn’t talked to her this week on the way home and was telling her that it was a dinner out night since I had my dentist appointment. My loving friend was going to call me anyways that night and invite us over for Pot roast, and veggies. She said when she was putting it in the oven she thought of us and thought she would call to invite us for dinner. I was so thankful to not have to eat out, plus Epha’s pot roast is awesome! When we moved to Indy from Albuquerque we wondered if we would ever find as good of friends as we had there and we are very blessed here as well. So that’s the update for now…looking forward to Thanksgiving and seeing family and then to the December 8th Ultrasound to hopefully find out if the baby is a boy or girl.

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Thimbleanna said...

How exciting! Isn't it fun to think of how your life is going to change?