Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda

You know when you miss an opportunity for God? I missed one last night. I should have spoke up but for some reason didn’t. Nate and I went to dinner at Gray’s Cafeteria last night and there was a large party in front of us. There was a single older man behind us. He thought we were with the party and let us ahead, I told him that we were not with them and he was fine to go ahead and it was just us two. He declined and stayed behind us. I smiled at him and said thanks and joked that even though the party in front was big I was sure there was plenty of food there for all of us. We went on down the line and got to the register to pay. I had a nudge in my heart….pay his bill. Nate normally pays, so I didn’t do it. I should have done it! I get to the table and I ask Nate if he ever feels like he should have done something then feels awful afterwards? He said yes, and I explained my nudge and Nate had one too, he even thought about asking him to sit with us for dinner. How sad, I was depressed. We missed out last night on doing something we really should have followed through with for God. I told him we need to really just act on those nudges when they come our way. I am sad we missed that one but am hopefully ready for the next nudge God provides and I pray that we/I follow through. We are blessed in our lives and though we don’t have a ton of resources (money) we have enough and God has always provided when we follow His direction. We think we have blessed someone else but we really are the ones blessed in the exchange, we know that we followed through with Gods plan. If we don’t follow through, God passes the blessing of giving to another person and we miss out. So this holiday season what Nudges is God giving you and will you do better than me and follow through?


Amber said...

Oh Rach, I know what you's so hard these days too because you don't want to "offend" people either. Thanks for the nudge on the nudges for the upcoming Christmas season! Hopefully we'll all spread a little more Jesus this year!

Melissa said...

So get the same feeling sometimes, and then wish I would have done something. Glad to see that I'm not the only one. :)