Friday, December 18, 2009

I'll probably get coal for Christmas...

I have been bad about blogging. I'd get coal from Santa. I have finally finished a quilt and will post the pics of that. Then on to my friend Emmie's quilt for her little one Jocelyn. I am in the process of picking out fabric for my little one's quilt. We found out it is a girl, so that is super fun. I LOVE PINK! It is my favorite color and cannot wait to buy fun stuff. We went and registered the day we found out. We are awful...but it was fun. Madeline is doing well (that is her name) and growing and kicking up a storm. I LOVE that feeling, there is nothing like it and I am still in awe of this whole process of being pregnant. Nate and I are still so thankful for this experience! He has been reading to the baby so it will know his voice and she starts moving around, she likes the deeper voices when she hears them. Our Bible study leader has a deep voice and she moves for him too when he starts talking. Its kinda funny. I raised my voice a few days ago at work on the phone because someone was not listening and she moved her hand, leg, arm (hard to tell) back and forth on my tummy. That one made me jump, she hadn't done that before. She's definitely getting bigger and stronger, you can tell since the movement is stronger. Nate asked if I thought I'd get tired of feeling her? I said I don't think so, I am just so happy she's there and if she does not move for a while it feels strange! My mother is dying to feel her move too, but they are very faint feeling still on the outside. She came to the ultrasound with us and was in awe as well. For her, it was the first ultrasound she'd ever seen. She kept asking the tech questions and I had to fuss to tell her to wait till she was done with the important stuff like the heart, lungs, kidneys, fingers, toes, etc then she can ask all the questions she wants to. She is just so excited about the baby too.

We will be celebrating Christmas with my dad's side of the family tomorrow night. I love going to my Aunt's house, it always reminds me of being a child and going there. I love her turkey dressing, it has been my favorite thing forever. I love holiday dinners! I will post pics soon and also a pic of the belly, it is getting round and is very noticeable. I love it though!

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