Friday, April 30, 2010

Week countdown...

Well one week and one day till D-day. I am getting anxiously excited and really ready to meet her. Everyone seems to have some theory on when she will arrive, mine is when she is ready and tired of pushing out instead of down. She is funny. I will rub my belly and she will push out as hard as she can and have me rub her back. It cracks me up...rotten already. But hopefully it will help soother her when she does come out. Even my dad is anxious. He advised me last night on the phone that he is around town the next few weeks but after that he has to travel to Texas and cannot just jump on the plane back home if I go into labor. (Well Dad, I'll see what I can do? lol.) I am still feeling fine, no more back pains and even though there is not much sleep going on I feel rested enough. I have not worked on the room lately since we are getting the house ready to put on the market. I will post pics I promise when I get it ready. I will be quilting on Sunday so that is hopeful at least. I would love to have someone just quilt the blanket for me but I refuse to pay all that money, plus it is more special if I do it I guess.
Everything is packed and ready to go to the hospital, Nate has been packed for himself and the baby for a month. Cute huh, think he's ready and waiting? I do have a new belly shot Nate took yesterday and I will post that soon as well. Say a prayer that she comes soon on her own and also that we get all the work done at the house that needs to be done so we can focus on her when she arrives.

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