Friday, April 02, 2010

Well if it walks like a might be me.

But I'm not quacking yet. I am now waddling. It is kinda funny but I try not to...I catch myself and correct it when I notice it. I have not had any problems in my pregnancy but Monday I was struggling! I have low back pain normally but it hasn't bothered me since I've been pregnant but something got me and it took me down! I was out till Wednesday. Poor Nate has been sooo good to me and has cleaned, cooked and even carried me to the bathroom. I am about 80% back to normal now and have been to the chiro every month since I've been pregnant to keep the back pain from happening and it has worked up till then. I went to the chiro on Monday and again on Tuesday. It really did help along with ice, I highly recommend chiropractic care to any pregnant person especially. Please pray my back pain stays away for the next 5 weeks of my pregnancy. I cannot believe that sentence!!!! Only 5 weeks? Wow this has gone by so fast and no posts about how quickly the baby grows okay :).
Her room is pretty much ready, I need to quilt her blanket but the main part is done. The dust ruffle is complete and on her crib already. I am going to put up curtains this week too, I didn't make the curtains, they are cheaper to buy but I am probably going to make valances to go with them though.
We are praying about some major things in life right now too. We are trying to work it for me to stay home...that's our goal. We will be putting the house on the market shortly after a few more cosmetic updates and with all our hope we will sell it asap! I have around 10 wks of FMLA to use before I have to go back to work after she is born so I will have to work till it sells but hope is in sight. I don't mind working but I don't want to do daycare if we don't have to. We do have it lined up for now with a lady who only watches 2 children at a time but it is pretty pricey and it is still not me watching my own child. It is one of the best options available since it is so private and she will get great care there. I am also wanting to try the cloth diapers too to save money and be green but I am sure the babysitter is probably not game for that, plus with nursing it will be easier not working and having to pump. I have a million and one excuses not to work but we just have to make sure that we are of course following what God has planned for our family...So we pray, alot. I'll update again soon and will post pics soon.


Thimbleanna said...

Ouch! I sure hope your back holds out. And only 5 weeks? That's amazing. Can we see pics of the nursery?

Christina said...

Yeah! She's coming soon. You stay healthy and well Mama! Also, prayers coming your way about all the decisions you have to make. Let me know if you need any cloth diapering advice. It sure does help economically. Love you friend.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Hang in there momma!

Amber said...

Rach, thinking a lot about you. Praying your back is doing better in these last few weeks and also that Madeline's arrival is a quick one. I'm so excited to see her soon!!! Hang in there and get some rest when you can=)