Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mammas got a brand new bag!

I needed a new bag. My other one was well loved and had the smell of coffee, funny how that happens when you spill it on it a couple times huh? So this is my new Sassy Stripes bag. I really like how it turned out. It is a hipster bag and has big pockets inside. It is pretty big, about 19" wide by about 15" tall. It is exactly what I wanted. So sewing wasn't completely out of the weekend.

A new pic of my MagPie baby. She just got a haircut! Isn't she too cute?


Thimbleanna said...

Your new bag is adorable! Will your little Magpie baby fit in there? ;-)

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

I love the new bag!