Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My God Son's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Micah! He turned a year old on July 1st but we celebrated on July 4th.
A year goes by so quickly!

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Amber said...

Hey Rach,
Love your new bag...the fabric is so you! Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your summer. Any plans for Fiesta this year? The van is great...not "cool" but very much a necessity at this point and time. If they were all out of carseats, the Pilot would work just fine but seeing as they will be in carseats for the next 5-8 years at least, this is how it has to be. It is a Honda Odyssey...used but we know where it's been because it came from Mike's parents. I'll keep you posted on my results and thanks for the encouragement about all the comments and looks with our evergrowing family! Love you guys and miss you=0)