Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Friday plans down the drain...

Okay, I was so excited for Friday; a day off work to do work I love, sew. Well that has been pushed to the wayside. The dog needs a haircut, BAD! Her furry little self is all knotted and won't let me brush them out. Her puppy fur gets so tangled since it is so soft. I will be driving down to Columbus to get her cut at my aunts. I am so sad. I still have my own purse only half done and need to start the next baby quilt, plus...I need to finish the other crochet things that should have been done a month ago. Why, oh why do I start twenty projects at once? Answer: because I love to work on different things and find something more fun to start in the middle. Not a good answer but an honest one, sorry. The rest of the holiday weekend will be filled with Family coming in from Elkhart, Nate's side and also with my God son's first birthday party on Saturday. Sew long sewing, such is life.

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