Friday, June 05, 2009

Beyond Frustrated!

Okay, so I just posted about how much I love my sewing machine... I don't anymore. I am very angry at it. Here is the saga:
For Christmas Nate bought me a sewing machine. I got it early, in October because it was on a huge sale. It was exactly what I wanted. It had many decorative stitches and had all the special quilting accessories I wanted. Two weeks after I got it the display lights went out. I took it in to Joann's where I bought it from a "special" sewing machine department and they told me that they would send it in for repair and give me a loaner for the time being. FINE, not happy but FINE; a new sewing machine that already has problems in the first month is not a good sign...So almost two months later I get back my machine. It is working right until my next class I took at the quilt shop in May. The lights went out again...I took it back and gave the ultimatum; either a brand new machine or my money back. They then upgraded me to a better machine and it was great! It had even better options and would do the alphabet and numbers too. I was psyched! I quilted on it on Sunday and Monday this week and sat down before company came on Thursday night and to my surprise it beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppped at me then the display went blank. I could not sew, or push any buttons. Now I am really not happy. This is the second reject I have received from Singer. I am off to Joanns tonight after work to discuss this with the manager at the sewing department, not a very nice (read: grumpy old) man. So please pray I keep my patience and don't try to strangle this person. ALL I WANT IS A WORKING NEW SEWING MACHINE....not a unreasonable request. So that is my gripe. Grrr.
Oh yeah, I have two purses to finish, a quilt to put the binding on and two new quilts to start on as well...So much to do and no machine.

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