Monday, June 15, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

At 1:00 am on Saturday morning the last stitch was made for the Mom-in-law quilt. It was delivered on Sunday to her for her Birthday/Christmas and every holiday in between present. I really do like this quilt. It was in shades of blue, her favorite color. I got to Bloomington to give it to her and thought with alarm that I completely forgot to take a picture of it. I was so upset. I made my mother-in-law promise to send one. It is by far the largest quilt I have made yet. It was nice to be done with it and I was very happy about how it looked. So pictures are dependent on when she sends it to me...
On to the next quilts. I have so many lined up plus one of these days I need to start on the one for our nursery so I have one made for "our child" to come hopefully soon...(more about that later.) But for now on to the next project.

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