Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting a little greener...

Okay, I have a hybrid, I have a garden, compost bin and I am taking small steps to becoming more green. Not bragging by any means because I still do some pretty un-green things like Ziploc bags and such. I however have gotten into eating local produce. I really started thinking about it when in California. So many neat places around there in Northern Cali that are using fresh, local produce and meats. Since I still love chicken and do occasionally eat red meat, I prefer to use the best. My garden is going well but for supplementing it I do need other additional produce plus I am not going to raise cattle or chickens. I will pay a little extra for the good stuff. My friend Epha gave me a great site to visit to get on a weekly/bi-weekly delivery system for fresh local meats, produce and groceries. It is I also bought some chocolate milk from a local grocery store and found that it is local as well and is right down the street from my work. It is Traders Point Creamery, I stopped by yesterday so I could get some milk and yogurt and found that they also have beef from their farm as well. There is even a Friday night farmers market that I could stop by on my way home too! So exciting. (it doesn't take much for me) I had my chocolate milk with breakfast today, it really is like drinking a chocolate bar! I get my first bin delivery from Farm Fresh on next Friday, it will have leaf lettuce, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, carrots, peaches, plums and many other yummie things. It is costing us $35.00 every other week which is about what I would spend for 2 wks of produce but since it is local it will last longer in my fridge since it has not been shipped across the country. Half my produce goes bad in a week because of that very reason it seems. So all that "green" I may not be but I am happy to support locals :)

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