Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Resolution to the emergency

Okay...well maybe not really an emergency but it was to me. When my sewing machine dies, it is a very, very bad thing. Especially when it is brand new.
So I have it now. The man at Joann's plugged it in and it beeeeeeeped at him too. I was so scared I'd get in there and look like an idiot and it would work for him (that always seems to happen). So I took Nate along for moral support, plus he heard the awful beep too. The guy was actually really nice (Nate said of course he was nice, it is the third time you were in for this). He got the same beep I did and just went and got a new machine, rang it up and it was done. He also asked it I would be interested in an upgrade to a Viking Husqvarna machine...well of course, how much I asked. It would only be the difference in cost between what I originally paid and the new machine cost. It should only be around $80.00 sooooo, nate said to check it out when it comes in sometime this week but in the meantime, I have a working machine. Since Singer is now made in China it is reflecting that. The Husqvarna's are made in Sweden. I think I will probably be going with that option instead since it is a much better sewing machine. This will hopefully be to an end soon.

On another note, I chose the fabric for my next baby quilt. It is called Chocolate Lollipop. There are other corresponding colors with it but I am so excited about the fabric, I really love it. I attached the link to some of the colors in it the main is D1650-390 and then one of the others is D1652-390. I also pulled out the dark pink, lime green and light blue as a solid corresponding colors and there is a fun stripe I found as well. I will be sewing on it soon, I have two afghans to finish first though, but I am dying to get started on it. That is all for now, I'll post pics along the way.


Thimbleanna said...

Hi Rachel! Sorry to hear about your sewing machine troubles. I'm a HUGE Viking fan -- I've loved every one I've had (3) and I still have all of them. ;-) My parents bought me a singer when I was a teenager and we (the singer and I) didn't get along very well. It only lasted a year so my mom bought a new Elna and gave me her old workhorse Viking. That machine is awesome -- it will sew through shoe leather! Sadly, Singer bought Viking a few years ago. I hope they don't ruin it. ;-(

And ohmygosh -- I can't believe how lucky you are to live close enough to run to Clementine's for a fabric fix. Hopefully I'll be able to get there a little more now as my oldest and wife just moved to Indy. Yipee!

Amber said...

Great to hear that you and your sewing machine are back in business now. Can't wait to see the finished products when you're done=0)